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According to the different dosage forms, blushers are divided into solid dosage forms, liquids, semi-solids, and aerosols.

Liquid rouge: Liquid rouge is a liquid product with fluidity. Its basic quality systems are dispersion liquid and emulsion, including suspension and emulsification.

Creamy rouge: also known as rouge cream, it is a bright color, strong hydrophobicity, similar to theatrical makeup oil, color cosmetics used for heavy makeup or artist makeup, the world has also appeared in the world for daily makeup. rouge. It is easy to use, has good spreadability, and is suitable for dry skin.

Solid rouge: Solid rouge is the most common type of rouge. The block products made of powder and glue are compacted and solidified. There are two types of powder rouge and loose powder rouge. A layer of elastic film formed. The gel-type rouge makes a natural, bright and shiny face, which is suitable for natural light makeup. Use fingers or sponge to apply makeup evenly.

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