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The correct use of highlight brightening can make facial features three-dimensional, brighten certain parts of the face, increase the gloss of the face after makeup, and the effect of facial contours. Highlights are mainly used for brow arches and cheeks.

The powder of high gloss powder is delicate and can be divided into two styles: matte and pearl. The color of high-gloss powder is mainly silver-white, white, beige, pink, bronze and so on.

Silver white highlights : suitable for brightening the eye area. The highlight used on the inner corner of the eye can show the effect of opening the corner of the eye. Silver-white highlights are used in the middle and lower part of the brow bone to make the brow bone more three-dimensional.

White highlights : used to brighten the bridge of the nose and deep eye sockets. White is also suitable for brightening the chin. If the user feels that the chin is too long, it can also be decorated with white highlights, which are round in the middle of the chin.

Off-white highlight : Off-white highlight can be used to conceal sagging eye bags, and can also replace concealer products.

Pink highlighter : can be used as a blush on apple skin. After using matte lip gloss, use a pink highlighter to reflect the three-dimensional effect of the lip beads

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