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About five thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians would use black, orange, and purple lipsticks; in ancient Rome, a lipstick called Fucus was made from purple-red mercury-containing vegetable dyes and red wine precipitates.In recent years, the use of various pearlescent powders and processed pigments has made the color tones more diverse and the texture more comfortable. Similar to the development trend of other types of beauty cosmetics, lipsticks continue to adhere to the focus on beauty; taking into account the functions of moisturizing, nourishing and sun protection.

The raw materials for making lipsticks include colorants, pearlescent agents,waxes, oils,fillers, flavors and preservatives.


Contains pigments or dyes, which determine the hue. Generally, it can be divided into three categories: organic colorants, mineral pigments and pearlescent pigments. Among them, mineral colorants are the most commonly used colorants.

Wax class

Waxes include carnauba wax, candelilla wax, beeswax and so on. Other ingredients are also uniformly dispersed in the wax, and the wax and other oily ingredients form a uniform carrier, which is used as a molding agent. The properties of wax (such as melting point range, crystalline state, etc.) have a great influence on the texture, performance, skin feel and stability of the lipstick.

Oil class
Hydrocarbons, such as mineral oil and petrolatum, oils of natural origin, such as castor oil, lanolin and jojoba oil, and synthetic oils, such as cetyl ethyl hexanoate. In addition, some lipsticks with glitter effect also contain pearlescent pigments, such as mica and titanium mica.

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