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Lip glaze

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Basic Information

Most are filled, some are long or cylindrical, and the texture is liquid. In terms of moisturizing and moisturizing effects, moisturizing and moisturizing are particularly good. You will feel moisturized every time you apply it on your mouth. No need to worry about dryness and peeling.

Product ingredients

The basic ingredients of lip glaze include lipids, pigments, film formers, appropriate amounts of waxes and flavors. It can be formulated into matte or moisturizing makeup according to market demand.

Product Usage

The first step is to do lip care. First, we have to apply a moisturizing lip balm on the lips, and then wait for five minutes to absorb.

The second step is to open the lip glaze, apply a thin layer, and then spread it evenly with the sponge tip, so that the color will be more natural and longer lasting. Please note that you cannot use brushes or other tools, otherwise it will become more ugly. Just use the included sponge tip to place it on your mouth, and then use your fingers to gently apply from the corner of the mouth to the center of the lips.

The third step is to apply it evenly as needed. If you like a matte finish, you can gently squeeze it with a paper towel. It will be a beautiful matte color, and it will feel full no matter the color.

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