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Loose powder

source: Time:2021-5-29 15:41:16

Loose powder is a facial makeup product, its professional name is "fixing powder", also known as "honey powder" and "white powder". Shedding was not oily, and are made from product powder type raw material powder. It is mainly used for applying face, atomizing liquid foundation or cream foundation, and has the effect of controlling oil and setting makeup. Most of them are used for retouching and makeup after beauty. It can adjust skin tone, prevent greasy skin from becoming too smooth or sticky, modify dull but transparent skin tone, reduce sweat and sebum, enhance the sustainability of cosmetics and produce a soft and fluffy skin feel. Some loose powders also have a certain sun protection effect.

Main features

(1) Safety high powder shall comply with the relevant regulations, the skin of harmful heavy metals, non-irritating to mucous membranes, lead, mercury and other toxic metals, no microbial contamination, does not cause irritation and toxicity. microorganism. 

(2) Good stability, it will not cause quality deterioration, such as discoloration, deterioration, odor change, deformation, and the separation of light and heat medicines, oils and fragrances.

(3) Good mixing and dispersing properties It has good mixing properties with adhesives or other powders, does not aggregate into clusters, and is easy to spread and disperse on the skin surface.

(4) It feels good to use , it feels soft when applied, and it feels smooth when applied, without any foreign body sensation.

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