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Eye shadow

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The shades of eye shadow products are the most vivid in eye cosmetics, including blue, cyan, green, brown, brown, brown, purple, etc. Other colors used for color matching include black, white, yellow, and red. The shade will change with the popular shade, and its color and style are trendy, and should meet the needs of individual skin color, clothes, different seasons and occasions.

Need to have the following attributes

1.  Easy to apply and mix into uniform color, good adhesion;

2. The  color will not change due to sunlight, sebum and sweat;

3. The  coating film will not be damaged by sweat and sebum, and the makeup will last.

4.  Because it is suitable for the eyes, it is safe.

product category

According to the dosage form, it is divided into solid and liquid paste. The solid eye shadow is easy to carry and use, and the liquid paste has good water resistance and long-lasting makeup.


The formula structure is roughly the same as the foundation. The difference between eye shadow and foundation and pressed powder products is that the color will be richer, usually with extra gloss and other effects. Therefore, the selection range of coloring pigments and pearlescent pigments is becoming wider and wider, and the varieties are also increasing. In addition, since the skin around the eyes is more fragile, the selected colorant must be non-irritating. Commercial eye shadows are usually used in combination with inorganic pigments, organic pigments, pearlescent pigments, brighteners, etc. to form a variety of brightly colored products.

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