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Equipment and requirements of cosmetics manufacturers

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Piping and equipment 

Most cosmetic manufacturers have a wide variety of products, and each type requires different production equipment. Different equipment such as vacuum emulsification irrigation, inkjet printer, reverse osmosis water purifier, etc. are used in different product production lines; for example, creams , Lotion, lipstick, perfume production line, etc.


Unqualified packaging often leads to contamination of the contents by the container or accessories with microorganisms , because the hygienic environment of the manufacturer of the container may not be able to ensure that the container is clean and hygienic in each stage of the process, such as production, storage and transportation. Therefore, the packaging container should be cleaned and disinfected effectively before use.

Production environment 

In the manufacture of cosmetics, allowed to stand, filling and packaging of the inevitable contacts without clean air treatment, thus containing a variety of microorganisms can contaminate the product. 


① Wear clean work clothes, work caps, work shoes, masks, gloves, etc. before entering the production workshop; 

②Every time you enter an area with cleanliness requirements and start work, you should completely disinfect and wash your hands; 

③After every unsanitary action or operation, hands should be completely disinfected and washed; 

④Workers suffering from diseases should temporarily be transferred from work positions that are directly related to the contents, such as those with skin diseases, purulent diseases, finger wounds, or colds.

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