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About the cost of makeup processing factory

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1. Important material parts: The product positioning of cosmetics processing factories is different in comparison with the sales channels. For example, daily chemical products use e-commerce or micro-business channels, and professional line products are used in beauty salons. Due to different positioning The quality requirements are also different, and different prices of raw materials will change accordingly.

2. Packaging materials: Packaging materials can be divided into two categories, including inner packaging materials and outer packaging materials. Inner packaging materials usually refer to products such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, and hoses ; outer packaging materials refer to paper-based products. For packaging boxes, most cosmetics factories have long-term cooperation with multiple packaging material factories. Customers can find this packaging material by themselves, or entrust the cosmetics factory to help you find them, and finally choose the packaging material manufacturer you like.

3. MOQ: For processing or packaging materials, no matter what kind of order quantity, it will be related to a problem, that is the MOQ; if the order is large, it can save labor costs, reduce costs and capital, and the price will be relatively A bit cheaper.

4. Other cosmetics processing costs: It is inevitable that various additional costs will be incurred in the cosmetics processing process, such as some box processing, product inspection, filing and so on .

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